Since 1978, Roger Zabinski has made over 750 bows for violin, viola, cello, bass, and some baroque models as well.

He has used a number of models over the years, including Eugene Sartory, Dominique Peccatte, and Francoise Tourte. Roger now works entirely with his own original pattern, developed from the spirit of the early and middle 19th century French bowmakers. Inspired by the early French aesthetic, these bows have the same look and feel of the bows of that period.

Roger's bows are works of art. The pernambuco he uses is always of exquisite character, usually figured, and never stained to develop the color. He uses shell products from the Asian Pacific, which display soft but luminous colors, delightful to the eye. The metal alloys are the old French metallurgical standards, which polish to a rich and warm luster. These bows are artifacts of rare beauty and function.

Roger Zabinski's bows are played by professional musicians and conservatory students all over the world. The Smithsonian Institution owns a specially executed quartet of his bows.